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    It is said that at the end of the 1800s, the guayabera was the clothing of the Yucatecan high society. Today, however, this fashionable garment has become hip unto itself to new generations not only from the peninsula, but from various parts of the country.
    In general, the guayabera are garments worn, principally, by men. It is a shirt that covesr the upper part of the body, and can have either short or long sleeves, adorned with vertical alforzas (or embroidery), and pockets on the breast and on the front shirt-tales.
    Melanie is a company that offers guayaberas of the best quality, artisanal handcrafted and made of linen, for both men and women, and to local and national clients.
    Each of the designs offered in the boutique are characterized by their great classic, elegant style and casual fit, with the fabrics of the highest quality. Our guayaberas manage to keep a freshness that bestows great distinction on those who wear them.

    Lino Yucatán

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    Calle 59 # 501 x 62 y 60.
    Horario de 9:00 h a 21:00 h
    Tel. 923 16 58



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