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    La Parrilla
    A Great Homage to the Chile Relleno


    As special of the month, La Parilla Montejo dresses up to the nines by offering more than 10 versions of chiles rellenos (stuffed chiles) with recipes unique to this restaurant. The idea was born out of the culinary polemic in that chiles en nogada (stuffed chiles bathed in a walnut sauce), are one of the most emblematic and complex dishes of Mexico, but to the disappointment of just about everyone, this dish is only prepared during the month of September, which is when a “great homage” is paid to these delicious dishes.
    In this “Great Homage” you can enjoy different varieties of chiles developed by the International Chef Esteban Walsh, who comes to delight us with a great gastronomic feast that are unique to Mexican cooking with recipes and ingredients that are fresh, original, and proprietary, served in the atmosphere of tradition and tastefulness that always characterizes La Parilla.
    This “Great Homage” is one you will be able to savor from March 27th to April 6th during a buffet service from 1 PM to 6 PM or also in a specialty a la carte menu offering different varieties of chiles rellenos and signature desserts.




    Chile Xcatik
    (Relleno de cochinita pibil, acompañado de cebolla morada encurtida sobre un espejo de frijol negro y hoja de plátano)

    Chile Pasilla
    (Relleno de pollo ahumado acompañado de mole oaxaqueño con aros de cebolla, ajonjolí y espejo de aguacate)

    • Pan de elote con mascarpone y miel.


    Restaurante La Parilla Montejo
    Prolongación Montejo No. 87 x 17. Colonia México.

    Tel. (999) 944 3999

    Facebook:  La Parilla Merida

    Twitter: @LaParillaMerida



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