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    Queso Relleno

    Is an exquisite Yucatecan delicacy prepared on the basis of the basic ingredient, Edam cheese, and includes ground beef seasoned with species of the region, koo’l (a white sauce made from flour with chicken broth and spices) and red tomato sauce. You can’t leave without trying it!


    With the mission to offer diners grandmother’s authentic recipes, but recreated with love, passion and the culinary versatility by her grandchildren, Manjar Blanco offers a wide variety of regional dishes with a unique flavor that you’ll want to enjoy again and again. The variety and selection of menu items, and their preparation, reflect ingredients that are 100 percent organic and local in an effort to highlight the authentic flavors of each ingredient. Compared to other restaurants, at Manjar Blanco in the dishes are prepared only after they are ordered so that it’s possible to retain the freshness of the ingredients, and preserve more of their essences and flavors which diners relish.
    Among the most representative dishes of this establishment are: Lime Soup, Queso Relleno, Yucatecan potatoes, Temozón smoked beef, papadzules, lomitos de Valladolid and Poc Chuc. Finally, among the desserts you cannot go without trying the delicious Manjar Blanco, which is prepared with thick and sweet coconut cream, sprinkled with ground cinnamon.

    Sopa de calabaza criolla
    Sopa de lima
    Tortitas de plátano macho con carne Temozón

    Main Dish
    Queso Relleno
    Poc. Chuc
    Cochinita Pibil

    Pay de queso de bola
    Manjar blanco
    Caballeros Pobres


    Manjar Blanco
    Calle 47 # 496 x 58 y 60 Centro
    Tel. (999) 923 00 03
    Horario: Lun (mon) a Dom (sun) 8:00h- 18:00h




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