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    Pescado Tikin Xic

    This dish is the flavor of Yucatán with a fresh halibut from the Gulf, seasoned with annatto; red, green and yellow peppers; red onions; and lightly grilled over the embers of an open flame, wrapped in a banana leaves. The result is a dish that is a delight of local gastronomy.





    At Hacienda Temozón we honor Yucatecan tradition by accompany the Tikin Xic Halibut with hand-made corn tortillas cooked on a hot griddle or skillet. This dish is served with roasted Habanero peppers and lemon juice. We recommend that diners accompany this meal with cold Yucatecan beer to refresh the palate.
    The culinary delights of Yucatecan cuisine come together from a blend of ingredients used by the ancient Maya, along with flavors brought by the Spanish during the Colonial era and, later on, with contributions from the Caribbean and the Middle Eastern culinary traditions.
    At Hacienda Temozón we have created a tribute to the Regional Yucatecan Cuisine with the Tikin Xic Halibut (pronounced “teeh-king shic”). In consequence, we prepare our signature offering with organic ingredients and bounty from the Chef’s orchard.


    Hacienda Temozón

    Luxury Collection

    AAA Four Diamond Award 2012

    Tel. (999) 923 80 89

    Km 182 Carretera Mérida Uxmal

    Temozon Sur, Yucatán 97825 México





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