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    The Culinary Triangle

    On a corner in front of tje Monumento a la Patria on the Paseo de Montejo, are two cozy restaurants and a café offering locals and visitors alike delicious international cousin. Called Slavia, Cubaro and Tobago, each is a beautifully decorated, has a well-stocked wine cellar and a varied menu designed to meet the most demanding tastes and provide an unforgettable experience.

    The unique Indian Lounge ambience at Slavia is a perfect for chatting while enjoying one of the many martinis choices, a cheese and cold cuts platter or a fresh salad. For a fusion of latino flavors and refreshing drinks in a small romantic setting, Cubaro is ideal. The menu is focused on the mixture of different culinary traditions, like Cuban and Yucatecan, with surprisingly divine results such as the deer medallions, lime soup and tuna steak. For drinks, the house specialty is the Cuban mojito. If a café is in order, Tobago offers excellent coffee and fine desserts al fresco. After an excellent dinner, there’s no better way to enjoy the evening air than relaxing on the terrace while sipping an exquisitely prepared espresso or cappuccino. Any one of this trio makes for a marvelous experience, so make a point of stopping by.

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    Av. Paseo de Montejo No. 409 F x 56 A frente al Monumento a la Patris, Mérida, Yucatán
    Tel. (999) 9266587 / 9260304




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