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    Los Henequenes

    Los Henequenes is the perfect place where you can enjoy delicious dishes and light fare accompanied by refreshing beverages and drinks. Located under an enormous palapa (with air conditioning), live music and a play area for children, Los Henequenes has become a real Yucatecan tradition that can be enjoyed in the company of your entire family.

    This family-friendly establishment will allow you to enjoy such traditional Yucatecan regional dishes, including chicken pibil (with achiote spices, cooked in banana leaves), cochinita (slow-cooked, marinated pork), and papadzules (vegetarian tacos featuring hard-boiled eggs and pumpkin seed sauce), and vaporcitos (steamed corn tamales) among others delicacies. Our beverages include natural fruit juices made from tropical seasonal fruit from the region, and a fine selection of the best Mexican beers.

    Without doubt, this is the place where, in addition to give indulging your palate, you’ll be able dance and have fun to the max with your companions.

    At present, the Henequenes has three locations throughout Yucatán State, each one offering a different experience. The main location is in city center, very close to the Main Square (Zócalo), where you can enjoy a view of the majestic Cathedral and other historical buildings whose architecture is without equal. Also in town, there is another location in the Sambulá neighborhood.

    And for a different experience, more close to nature and fresh air, is the branch located in the Port of Progreso, right along the seaside Malecón Avenue. With an oceanfront view, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful gulf view, all in an atmosphere that only Los Henequenes can provide.

    Info Los Henequenes

    Downtown (Centro)
    Calle 57 #479
    Telephone: (999) 923-6220
    Sucursal Sambulá
    Calle 86-B #544-A.
    Telephone: (999) 984-5051
    Port of Progreso
    Calle 19 #150, (Malecón Avenue)


      Los Henequenes Progreso



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