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    Currently, the regional cuisine of Yucatan is considered one of the best in the world, thanks to its upper-class and original processes of development. Is also a reason to be proud , because over many generations has managed to preserve the true flavor of our regional food.

    There´s only a few restaurants that rescue gastronomic values of the state as the restaurant La Tradición , because the antique processes of food elaboration that carried the highest standards of quality. La Tradición is a renowned restaurant for rescue the authenticity of the unique flavor of Yucatan.

    In La Tradición you have to taste the food to tell. The flavors of Yucatan are very wide and specialized according to their geographic area, this is because some culinary features have had different nuances according to the customs. For example, sausage of Valladolid has a particular style and flavor, because in the eastern part of Yucatan the food is more spicy.

    La Tradición has a menu that rescues the main regional specialties such as the lime soup, Poc Chuc, stuffed cheese, the Papadzules, black stuffed cheese, among others; all this accompanied with handmade tortillas and bean soup. One of the most anticipated Sunday's specialties is the three-meat stew (Puchero) made with vegetables, pasta, chickpea and the perfect touch of Spanish saffron, all this with handmade tortillas and lime salpicón..

    La Tradición have well-known family history, as the chef David Medina Cetina (One of the owners) is the nephew of Jorge Medina Alcocer (RIP), who gave international fame to the regional cuisine through the restaurant La Prosperidad. For all this and more La Tradición takes special care on the selection of condiments and the food elaboration.

    Nowadays is the favorite restaurant of artists and personalities from all areas such as cultural, social and political. La Tradición rescues with honor the most important heritage of Yucatan, its worthy and renowned cuisine for its exquisite flavor.

    Reservaciones al Tel. 925-25-26, Calle 60 No. 293 x 25, Col. Alcalá Martín, Mérida, Yuc.
                                      Twitter: @chefDcm



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