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    West route - Rediscover green gold

    Along this route you can see why Yucatan was once one of the richest places in the world as well as experience the natural beauty of Celestun. Henequen, also known as sisal, was once the driving force behind the state?s economy. Grown at over 1200 plantations (or haciendas) at its height, it generated immense riches and allowed plantation owners to build immense, high-ceilinged mansions with unique architectural elements. Now a tourist attraction and museum, Yaxcopoil Hacienda is a perfect example of this past grandeur and has the only double Moorish arch in the region. Further south is the luxurious Temazon Sur Hacienda, a boutique hotel with an outstanding haute cuisine restaurant specializing in regional and international dishes. One of Yucatan?s high end destinations, just a visit to the restaurant makes it clear why it?s considered so over-the-top. This route ends at Ria Celestun, a biosphere reserve on the state?s west coast famous for being one the most important migratory bird sanctuaries in Mexico and a nesting ground for the rose flamingo. Rent a boat to take a tour of the lagoon, see all kinds of amazing birds and other wildlife, swim in a freshwater spring and admire the enigmatic petrified forest. To finish off the tour, take a well-deserved dip in the Gulf and try the delicious fish and seafood available at the many restaurants in town. Celestun is a natural jewel just waiting to be discovered.



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