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Yucatán is a land of beautiful and colonial style compounds, holder of enigmatic sinkholes, full of beauty for be discovered by the visitor, and experiment part of the mysticism that envelop the Ancient Mayan Culture. This route will show to the visitor some of the most representatives places. Start this route taking the Highway Mérida- Chetumal until the detour to ACANCEH ( deer groan), a place that homed THE PYRAMID in downtown. Counts with stairways on its four sides and stucco masks with paint trace. Admire the STUCCO´S PALACE, which has depictions of birds, tigers and bats with human features. These also shows traces of original paints.





Toward the highway you´ll find CUZAMÁ (water of the swallows) with magnificent SINKHOLES at the HACIENDA CHUNKANÁN, waiting for you. Get on a TRUCK ( a little wood car pulled by horses through the hill) and observed the plentiful henequen fields, flashback to the former Yucatán from the XIX century and discover the unique formations called SINKHOLES (cenote, spanish for mayan Dzonot - water cavity), of vital importance to the Yucatán people, for being fresh fountains of water also considerate as sacred access to the underworld. The sinkholes that you can visit through this tour are: CHELETÚN , with quick and easy access , CHANSICNIC’CHE (red ant three) a little bit difficult to get in but super recommended for diving, and BOLOON CHOJOL (nine holes of the mice) with nine holes on the top, that lend the solar light get through them and colored in cobalt blue the water, with matchless beauty and transparent. An extraordinary experience and contact with the nature, an amazing and mystical Mayan trip!






Back to the Mérida – Chetumal Highway , toward few miles to get to the archeological zone of MAYAPÁN ( Mayan banner or flag), the Maya capital, protected by a huge wall formed by stone blocks, past times was the LIGUE OF MAYAPÁN seat, a Mayan State confederation conformed by the sacerdotal houses of the tutul xiues of UXMAL, the itzaés of CHICHEN ITZÁ, MAYAPÁN cocomes, and other manors as ITZAMAL and ZAMÁ.





On this site is placed the KUKULCÁN PYRAMID, a smaller scale representation of the one in CHICHEN ITZÁ, but that also represents the same light and shadow phenomenon in the winter solstice ; the OBSERVATORY with two stele , one with a warrior symbol and the other, the months of the year. Admire traces of THE WARRIOR TEMPLE and more.





  • Monday to Sunday: 8:00 am to 17:00 pm
  • General admission : $31 pesos
  • Sundays : national visitors free entrance with official ID.





Otherwise, Yucatán have CONVENTS, buildings of the NEW EVAGELION, beautiful and impressive, because they have to be more magnificent than the Mayan temples. Most of the convents, not only in Yucatán, also in Mesoamérica, were constructed above the indigenous temples. On this trip, the convents of ACANCEH and TECOH, were constructed upon Mayan pyramid basements, in TEKIT the convent looks like a museum, because the images placed on the niche, in MAMA the convent have and extraordinary bell tower, in CHUMAYEL (place in where was written the sacred codex book of CHILAM BALAM) this convent is an art show of the Hispanic architecture in the middle age; TEABO the convent , with its franciscan banner at the entrance and the marvelous Spanish religious architecture, working with the Mayan genius.







MANI (from all the best) at the end of the route served as an exclusive convent to educate the indigenous nobility children. In here is placed the SAN MIGUEL CHURCH with its elegant façade flanked by bell towers that preserved the beautiful seventeenth-century altarpieces. Its OPEN CHAPEL, first in Yucatan, has similar dimensions to the temple. Here, Fray Diego de Landa, blinded by his evangelical zeal, ordered the destruction and burned the valuable Mayan codex and statues, the same Fray Diego, repentant and trying to correct his blunder, began writing his famous book “Tales of Yucatán”.






 Where to eat?


El Príncipe Tutul Xiu

26 St no. 208 between 25 and 27, Downtown , Maní, Yuc.

Ph . (997) 975 2907



Photos: courtesy of the Secretaría de Fomento Turístico del Gobierno del Estado de Yucatán.



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