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Celebrate mexican independence

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Celebrate Mexican Independence

One of the festivities that is more characteristic of Mexico is the celebration of September 15, an important date for all Mexicans. It was on that date when a Independista War—the War of Independence—against the Spanish began, a necessary conflict on the road to having a free and sovereign nation as it has been until today.



The celebrations to commemorate independence are political; on the evening of September 15, government officials such as mayors, governors, and even President of Mexico, leading the traditional Grito de Dolores, or Cry of Dolores, which is followed by the ringing the bell and waving the national flag.
The formality of the celebration, however, does not prevent most Mexicans from celebrating this national holiday from their homes. Many, in fact, do so. And no matter where you are in our vast country , we will now give you some tips for this September 15th, so you can celebrate this holiday like a good Mexican celebrates it!




For Mexicans, the national holiday is a special day, where the celebrations take place with family, either at home or in a restaurant, even if the restaurant doesn’t serve Mexican food.
Once the family gathered, prepare dinner snacks, which includes the traditional red pozole, an alcoholic punch; and pork belly enchiladas to which you can add a regional side dishes from the area in which you are.
Prepare drinks: In patriotic celebrations, the spirit you cannot miss is the tequila, lime, and salt. This can be supplemented with beer, soft drinks, or fruit-flavored waters for those who do not drink alcohol.
If you are one of those people who do not like to stay up, then on the next day, September 16, you can go to the military parade organized by the three branches of the Government in Mexico.



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