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    Hotel Posada Toledo & Gallery

    To enjoy the city of Mérida, with the charm of the colonial era but with the comforts of contemporary life, you can count on the Posada Toledo & Gallery, a historic colonial manse that was restored, preserving its architecture, design and colonial style decor.
    A short two blocks from the Cathedral and Main Square (Zócalo) of the city, you can begin your days over a delicious breakfast in the spacious dining room with memories of a by-gone era, surrounded by French chandeliers, original paintings and lovely stained glass windows.
    It is the perfect place to spend a splendid holiday ensconced in cozy rooms, wandering down its ample corridors and beautiful gardens.
    The hotel Posada Toledo was originally built as a private residence, in the French style, at the end of 18th century. As such, guest rooms were built at the same time as the original house. In addition, guests can appreciate the works of art that are exhibited in the hotel’s art gallery.
    Without a doubt, this is a superb choice of accommodations, since its privileged location in the city’s historic center affords you the opportunity to explore easily many of the tourist attractions located in the surrounding area, such as the Governor’s Palace, and the City Hall, and the municipal handicraft market. There are also amenities, including banks, supermarkets, pharmacies, and Foreign Exchange offices, and so forth, nearby.

    Hotel Toledoposada toledo


    Address: Calle 58 Number 487 and 57th Street, Historic Center
    Telephone: (999) 923 16 90


    Visit the Gallery!

    Hotel Posada Toledo & Galería 





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