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    Barrio Santa Ana holds a great story that has been made through several years during the colonial era, was a unique site for artisans and laborers, which had grown out for many years. In the eighteenth century began to appear a street from the Ateneo building to the north side, adorned by two stone arches so that the landscape of the Barrio Santa Ana took a radical change. Years later ,the increment started building the temple of Santa Ana, which was built on a pre-Columbian Maya base . On the façade can be seen an iron cross and two bell towers in a pyramid, inside highlights a number of niches in the walls with sculptures and has two chapels, a south dedicated to María Auxiliadora and other , north side dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    The park of Santa Ana is home to flea markets, craft sales, and culinary delights that constantly are installed. The market is distinguished by the exquisite and varied regional cuisine that is offered throughout the day. It is certainly one of the favorite places for tourists and residents of the city.

    Iglesia Santa Ana

    Barrio Santa Ana




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