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     The Yucatecan Coast 


    Yucatán, boasting diverse protected regions, is a natural Eden where wildlife, flora and the privileged climate of its geography, offer a unique and special opportunity to enjoy her spectacular sceneries.
    In this issue we invite you to be amazed by the magnificent beaches and natural reserves where you will be able to witness the arrival of millions of migratory birds, as well as be able to get to know the diverse reptiles and mammals that coexist harmoniously along the Yucatecan coast.
    From all points of reference, all the coasts that Yucatán has, there are specific places that distinguish themselves in their commercial, touristic, and historic importance.

    This archaeological site is still considered a place of pilgrimage and worship of the Virgin of X’Cambo who according to tradition appeared on this site more than 50 years ago and is still worshipped in a chapel built over the pre-hispanic bases. In addition to its historical importance, the site is also located in a natural area of environmental interest.

    Telchac Puerto
    This small corner of the Yucatecan coast features one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Apart from its natural beauty, this place is ideal to indulge in various aquatic sports. In fact, a few minutes from its downtown one finds Laguna Rosada, a sanctuary for various migratory birds, among them the famous flamingo.

    San Crisanto
    This town is home to some of the most paradisiacal areas in Yucatán. Here visitors can explore the different eco-touristic zones by taking a magical tour through the mangroves. You can also visit the “Dzonot-Tzik” cenote, where tourists can swim in this natural well and enjoy the refreshing crystal-clear waters.Poseedor de diversas zonas protegidas, Yucatán es un edén natural donde la vida silvestre, la flora y el clima privilegiado de sus tierras, dan una oportunidad única y especial para disfrutar de paisajes espectaculares.ido por los manglares; así como conocer el cenote “Dzonot – Tzik”, en el cual el visitante podrá nadar en el ojo de agua y disfrutar de su refrescante y cristalina agua.



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