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    Xibalbá. The Mayan underworld

    The Mayan underworld or Xibalba is a sacred place among the Mayas, It is a symbol of life and death where only could enter representatives of the gods on Earth.

    Legend says in the beginning of time the twins Hunahpu Hun Hunahpu and Vucup defeated the gods in a ball game; because of that the gods killed them and threw them into a cenote. From the remains emerged his twin sons Hunahpu and Ixbalanque with fish form, and when they came to light again, they became humans and gave rise to the sun and moon.

    Currently Mexican researchers have discovered a vast network of interconnected cenotes and underground caves, which were amended by the Mayas between 750 and 1200 AD, with the purpose to recreate their underworld.
    It's been found archaeological evidence in cenotes, including human and animal remains, pottery and exotic materials such as obsidian and flint.
    The Maya believed that Xibalba created life and death, and the sun born and dying every day when it was in and out of the depths.



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