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     Magical sinkholes

    Full of mysteries and enigmas, southeastern Mexico, especially the state of Yucatán, has an incomparable natural beauty. Of these, the cenotes, or natural sink holes, are fantastic reservoirs of fresh water, which were created when caverns flooded during the last Ice Age. Today, they are wonder landscapes of great natural beauty. In Yucatán alone, there are more than 2,500 cenotes according to the latest survey by the Yucatecan authorities. However, tourist service offer both domestic and foreign visitors the opportunity to experience one of the most exciting experiences you can only enjoy in this part of the world. Since cenotes represent both wonder and the enigma, we have decided to make a small expedition by some jaw-dropping cenotes renowned for their exceptional beauty. And so, we hope that you will not hesitate a moment to go and enjoy its crystalline waters.

    Located just three kilometers from the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá, Cenote Ik Kil, is a water reservoir surrounded by exotic plants and trees that are the perfect habitat for hundreds of wild birds including toucans, parrots, mockingbirds, cardinals, fly catchers, turquoise mot-mot and, many others.
    The main attraction of Ik Kil is the cenote, which on its surface is decorated with greenery and you can see the depth in which it is located. To access this place, you have to descend the stone staircase where you will find small outcroppings so that you admire its beauty from different points.

    Located just three kilometers from the town of Valladolid, this cenote has a legend associated with it. It tells of some people who had a pig, which always was entering the bush and on his return, always came back muddy even in times of drought, which was odd. They decided to follow the pig and that is how the cenote was discovered. It is called X'Keken, which in Maya means pig.
    To access the cenote, you must enter through a narrow hole, since it is an underground cavern; however, upon reaching it, you can admire the space is not as small as one would have envisioned and it affords you a spectacular view which will be surprised. In X'keken you'll be able to snorkel and cool off for a while.


    In the town of Dzitnup, a commissary of Valladolid, you will find the Cenote Samulá, a beautiful underground cavern that will surprise you with its natural beauty and how wide a place it is. You will not only enjoy crystal clear waters, but also be able to take a long stroll around it surroundings, a hike that will leave you amazed.
    To access the cenote, you must descend a stone staircase. Once you´re there, you will find a first level that lets you see from the top, the spectacular beauty of the place, while its immensity will surround you and you cannot help but admire them. On the second level you can see it from that perspective. At the third level, there you will find a small platform where you can swim or throw you a dive if you wish.



    Located at Kilometer 6 of the road of Valladolid, Saytun is a tourist center that offers all services for visitors to spend a full day in this beautiful place. The water tank is an underground cavern surrounded by clear waters low depth in which you will see, with the naked eye, freshwater fish.
    In addition to the opportunity to relax in the refreshing water, the tourist center offers cottages and a small museum, where archaeological pieces that were found inside the cave are on display, all designed to make the most of a full day at this majestic place.




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