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    Carnaval 2015. Travesía Caribeña


    “Plaza Carnaval" invites you to this Caribbean cruise that offers the flavor, color, fun, costumes; showy parades of floats of the Caribbean. The event is compared to the bedecked costumes dancing to the beat of the music of the region. This spectacle invites the entire family to enjoy a great feast inspired by all the Caribbean. This extravaganza draws inspiration from the depths of the sea, the fauna and marine flora, and we will behold beautiful exotic birds as also the representation of the terrestrial fauna, so this will be a big fiesta.

    Merida 2015 Carnival will be held from February 11-18, with big surprises. Once more, Yucatecans prepare for the great celebration of the Carnival festivities that build on last year’s successful program. Mérida city government, which is headed Mayor Renan Barrera Concha, will hold the event at the venue for this grand festival, Plaza Carnival. This is located on the grounds of the Xmatkuil Fairgrounds, south of the city.





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