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    Mérida Fest

    As such, the Culture Ministry has prepared a festival of artistic and cultural events to be held from January 6th through the 27th which will be held at various points of the city to complement the traditional Merida Fest. Under the theme of “Culture for All,” this will be a celebration of the common good, which is to say, affirming the joy of living and sharing the same city.

    Founded in 1542, the City of Mérida has become a cradle not only of people who were born here, but also for those who have adopted it, including those visitors who have come to love her while on a journey and who now carry her memory forever in the memories all travelers cherish. Mérida is a power to be reckoned with: uniting traditions, music, friendship, art, family, and friendly open spaces. As citizens, tourists or residents, we all have the same obligations and enjoy the same equal rights, as well as the privilege to walk quietly throughout one of the most beautiful cities and with best quality of life in Mexico.

    It is because of all these things that art and culture continues to have a leading role in public venues and cultural spaces throughout the month of January, inviting each of us to reflect on the city as a space for everyone to live with respect, tolerance, courtesy, and community, regardless of who or how he or she is, or from where one beckons.

    You are cordially invited to be part of the Mérida Fest, a series of celebrations over the course of three weeks sponsored by Mérida city government. All events are free of charge for the enjoyment of everyone.



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