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    The Home of Andres Quintana Roo

    This manse, dating to the 18th century, is located in the heart of the city. It preserves a great history about which very few people know. According to research carried out, it is now believed that Don Andrés Quintana Roo was born here in 1787. He is an important figure of the Insurgent Mexico (the Mexican independence movement from Spain), who also served as ambassador, congressman, journalist, poet, and husband of the renowned revolutionary, Leona Vicario.

    The architecture of this magnificent residence preserves a colonial style characteristic of his time, something that definitely offers visitors a glimpse into the unique beauty to each one of its corners.
    It is said that in the mid-20th century this house served as residence, carpentry, and cellar of a man surnamed Urcelay, whose wife, after having been widowed, divided the property into five sections. The part of the home that is the most representative part of the original structure today houses the, “Amaro” restaurant, in which you can dine in an open courtyard flanked by arcades and corridors. In addition the great orchid tree in the courtyard believed to be almost 120 years old, which thrives in harmony with the environment in this cultural space.

    Where? C. 59 between 60 and 62 streets, Historic Center.



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