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    Mérida tricolor

    September is not only important for our State but it is also important for the entire Mexican Republic. The spirit of the Fiestas Patrias, or Patriotic Fiestas, convey the enthusiasm of millions of Mexicans and this pride is felt in all corners of the nation’s lands.
    It was more than 200 years ago when Mexico achieved its independence, as such, in various parts of the country during this month the streets are painted in the colors of the national flag in honor of Mexican Independence, which began with the Grito de Dolores, or the “Cry of Dolores” made by Father Miguel Hidalgo on September 16, 1810. That event rallied the nation to revolt against the Spanish rule, which led to the entrance of the Ejército Trigarante, or the Army of the Three Guarantees, into Mexico City on September 27, 1821.
    Yucatán, a state full of traditions and culture, does not shy away from commemorating this great celebration. Many businesses, such as hotels, clubs, bars, and restaurants participate in the festivities, offering attractive promotions for big-time entertainment in the company of family and friends.
    And as is traditional every year, no one should miss out on the great public fiesta on September 15 that takes place in the Main Square, or Zócalo, of the historical center of downtown Mérida. The public assembles at dusk to enjoy from “front row” view of this celebration which starts off with the Governor of the State appearing on the balcony of the Palace of Government and reenacting the famous call for independence, which ends with the exciting and contagious phrase ¡Viva Mexico!, or Long Live Mexico!, being proclaimed. The governor and the public regardless of their social class, and united as one, shout in unison.

    Mexican Night

    The Mexican night, aims to entertain and amuse the audience through culture, cuisine, folklore and regional, national and international music . From here you can visit and enjoy the cultural richness of Mexico and Yucatan, through accessories, handcrafts, articles, dance and traditional food and snacks. The entrance is free for the whole family, so a fun night in all ways is achieved in a very simple and cheap night walk. 

    Remate Montejo. Calle 56A x 47 y 59 Centro. Every saturday. 20:00 h.



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