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    Yucatan Turquoise

    El Cuyo
    Being a protected area because of its fascinating fauna, to speak of El Cuyo is to speak of the perfect place for nature lovers and those seeking serenity. Surrounded by palm trees, coconut trees, and majestic ceibas tres (Ceiba pentandra), this place is part of the town of Tizimín, which also boasts the amazing archaeological site of Cubula and three fascinating cenotes (natural freshwater sinkholes).

     How to get there?
    Head toward Tizimín. Once there, head toward Colonia Yucatán and then head north until you reach El Cuyo.

    Telchac Puerto
    This small corner of the Yucatecan coast features one of the most beautiful tourist destinations. Apart from its natural beauty, this place is ideal to indulge in various aquatic sports. In fact, a few minutes from its downtown one finds Laguna Rosada, a sanctuary for various migratory birds, among them the famous flamingo.

     How to get there?
    Head out of Mérida in the direction of Progreso, and reaching Kilometer 36, turn toward Telchac Puerto.

    San Felipe
    This fishing village and port is characterized by its color and natural surroundings, since those who visit will be able to admire the peculiar colors the houses which are painted in various hues, as well as the beautiful sceneries that are found all around. At the same time, nowadays various ecological tourism and adventure services are available, including accommodations, boat tours along the estuary to bird watch, and there are always the beaches.

     How to get there?
    Head in the direction of Valladolid. Once there, take the north exit toward Tizimín. Continue along this direction until you reach the town of Kikil. Once there, you will see the turnoff to San Felipe.

    San Crisanto
    This town is home to some of the most paradisiacal areas in Yucatán. Here visitors can not only admire the grand vegetation that thrives in this area, but also can explore the different eco-touristic zones by taking a magical tour through the mangroves, where one can be in direct contact with nature. One can also visit the “Dzonot-Tzik,” the principal cenote (natural freshwater sinkhole), where tourists can swim in this natural well and enjoy the refreshing crystal-clear waters.

     How to get there?
    Head out of Mérida in the direction of Progreso, and reaching Kilometer 36, turn toward Telchac Puerto and then continue until you reach San Crisanto.



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