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    Pedro Infante
    57 Years in the Memory and Heart of Yucatán

    This April 15th marks one more year since the death of a great, but above all, very beloved Mexican artist, Pedro Infante, who won fame and the affection of the public through his many films made during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema.
    As is well-known, Pedro Infante died in a plane accident when a Tamsa flight crashed around 7 AM on April 15, 1957, killing this famous singer and actor while traveling in Yucatecan airspace. After struggling to maintain altitude, the plane spectacularly lost lift, crashing in a poultry building located on Calle 87 in Mérida proper. Pedro was killed instantly.
    At present, a statue in his honor stands near the crash site. Year after year Mexican tourists, foreign visitors, and local residents alike pay homage on the anniversary of his death.
    One of the artist’s homes is located in the city of Mérida. It is in this residence where the artist spent most of his time and where he lived the last days of his life. It is this residence where, today, one finds the Hotel Boulevard Infante. Visitors can see parts of the rooms where the Mexican artist lived, as well as one of the galleries with more biographical information, portraits, paintings, and objects that belonged to Pedro.


    Hotel Boulevard Infante
    Av. Itzáes núm. 587 por 73 y 75. Col. Sambulá
    Tel. 984 1025 y 984 1045



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