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    San Felipe
    The Gateway to Ecotourism in Yucatan

    The natural beauty of San Felipe, along with its delicious cuisine centered on seafood, makes this port an destination that no one should miss when visiting Yucatán State. As fishing village, this town preserves an atmosphere full of relaxation with characteristic architecture where wood structures dominate and it boasts a seaside promenade from where you can admire the beautiful surroundings.
    As part of the Ría Lagartos Biosphere Reserve, San Felipe is recognized as the gateway to ecotourism of northwestern Yucatán. Its designation as both a marine reserve and a protected region has helped to preserve a large number of marine species including the tarpon, sea bass and barracuda, among others.
    This port is also surrounded by various attractions ideal for spending more than a day of relaxation, fun and exploration. For example, Cerritos Island (Isla Cerritos) and Paso del Cerdo, where there are some archaeological ruins dating back to pre-Hispanic times, are ideal for exploring and seeing part of the ancestral customs and architecture of the Maya.

    One can’t forget about the beautiful beaches of this area including Balneario Beach and Punta Bachul, as well as the stunning freshwater pools where visitors can enjoy complete contact with nature. At the same time, the area of Los Barriles, located at this port, is one of the areas of the region most frequently visited by national and international tourists.
    During the month of February, particularly from the 1st to the 6th, one can witness one of the most popular festivals held which is celebrated in honor of San Felipe de Jesús, patron saint of the community. The festivities consist of processions, dances, guilds and vaquerías (rodeos) that are very much fun and are organized by the residents of the community.

    How to get there?

    Driving out towards Valladolid on the highway, take the exit in the direction of Tizimín. Continue driving north for approximately four miles (six kilometers) when you will arrive at the village of Kikil. From there, take the turnoff toward Panabá and San Felipe.



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