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    To begin 2014 on a good footing, at Explore Yucatán we embarked on the task of highlighting the 14 wonders that you cannot miss during your visit to the State and which you must see to learn of Yucatán’s culture, natural beauty, traditions and history. Have a great stay!

    1- Yucatecan cuisine is fundamentally derived from an exquisite mixture of the flavors of two cultures: Spanish and Maya. Among the most renowned dishes are: the cochinita pibil, panuchos, salbutes, poc chuc, brazo de reyna, frijol con puerco, papadzules and queso relleno.

    2- The Paseo de Montejo is one of the most important thoroughfares in Yucatán, flanked by grand mansions on both sides, showcasing the city’s wealthy pedigree. Among the most emblematic buildings are: the Cantón Palace, the Casa Peón de Regil and the Casa Cámara.

    3-This district has witnessed the changing social, political, and historical evolution of Yucatán. It is the site where some of the most significant buildings of the city are located, including the Cathedral of San Ildefonso, the Casa de Montejo and the Government Palace.

    4-For more than a century, this theater has been the principal venue in Yucatán, one that continues to showcase various theater companies, dance, opera, orchestras, and renowned artists.

    5-A traditional way to have a splendid experience in the city is aboard a quiet horse-drawn carriage ride, allowing occupants to enjoy a beautiful tour of the Historic Center and the Paseo de Montejo.

    6-One of the largest museums in the state, this institution allows visitors to have a more comprehensive understanding of the essence of the Maya realm, including exhibitions about their customs, their history, their rituals, across the epochs of time through the present day.

    7-These naturally-occurring geographical features are one of the most striking characteristics of the landscape of the entire peninsula. They are places where fresh-water gushes; land and nature come together in a way magical and wonderful way. Among the most renowned cenotes one finds are the Ik Kil, Xlakah, Zací, X’kekén, and Samula.

    8-Cuzamá is a historic henequen, or sisal, agro industrial town whose inhabitants have developed an attractive truck tour that consists of transporting visitors around a 4.5 mile path that takes them to three wonderful cenotes that are found in this community.

    9-Izamal and Valladolid have been designated as magical towns in recognition of the preservation of their oldest traditions and architecture, and have, in consequence, become among the most interesting places to visit.

    10-Although historically the majority of these haciendas were engaged in raising livestock or as sisal plantations, today most have now been converted into exclusive hotels such as the Hacienda Temozón Sur, where visitors can enjoy nature and architecture of these estates.

    11-Considered as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, this is a majestic archaeological site whose grand centers are combined with the nature; visitors cannot come to Yucatán without climbing up this great Pyramid Castle of Kukulkán and enjoy the Light and Sound show.

    12-This port was once the main catalyst for international trade from the state. Today it has now become an excellent place to visit and get to know the famous malecón, or seaside promenade, as well as the new fishermen’s wharf.

    13-As its name suggests, “Puuc” refers to a Maya architectural style that characterizes several archaeological sites in the southwest area of Yucatán State. This road turns into a magical journey full of culture and history of the ancient Maya civilization.

    14-This tour offers an opportunity to learn about the history of Yucatán, since most of the convents the Spanish built were constructed adjacent to or upon the remnants of indigenous temples. Although some of these missions have been abandoned most continue to showcase the main architectural elements that characterize them.




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